Student Profiles

Glenn-WyersEditedGlenn Wyers is a former police officer, self-taught computer programmer and entrepreneur who isn't content to rest on his laurels. He is a member of UHD's inaugural MBA class and he hopes to effectively lead his two start-up software businesses after graduation in December 2013.

But he's had a circuitous route to fulfilling this dream. Wyers first attended a large, public university in Texas following high school graduation, yet the large class sizes and inattention from faculty failed to meet his needs. He notes that professors made him feel like a "nuisance" when he approached them for help, a far cry from the interaction he desired as an undergraduate.

He decided to leave school and became a member of the Houston Police Department instead. While working on accident reconstruction, he took his love of computer science and wrote his own program to assist with the task. Through contributing his talents in this way, Wyers found his true calling and chose UHD to complete his undergraduate education in computer information systems.

"UHD was a breath of fresh air for me," Wyers says. "It was obvious from the beginning that students are the professors' No. 1 priority, as it should be. I walked into classes that were interactive and hands-on with lots of input from the faculty."

Following his graduation in 2011, Wyers was delighted to join UHD's first MBA class and notes that the attention from faculty in the program is unparalleled.

"My first college classes were taught by teaching assistants with very limited access to professors," says Wyers. "Yet as a graduate student at UHD, my professors give out their cell phone numbers for us to call with questions about class projects. That kind of support is vital for students who are juggling jobs, school and families."

He also notes that the affordable MBA tuition was a driving factor that brought him back to UHD. Wyers currently has a daughter in college and a wife who is about to begin a nurse practitioner program, as well. With three family members in school, Wyers found the quality education, faculty attention and affordable classes to fit his needs.

"I'm even learning how to better motivate my own family as an MBA student!" Wyers says. "I've taken the tactics I learned in class and have been able to persuade my own daughter!" Given his early success, Wyers will be leading an executive team in no time.