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Graduate Certificate Program

Increase your marketability to employers through focused learning.  Each Concentration can be taken as a separate free-standing Graduate Certificate. When the Graduate Certificate option is pursued, students may be required to do some preliminary work to adequately prepare the student to gain full benefit from the corporate-defined coursework.  The Graduate Certificate program enables you to transfer all credits earned into the UHD MBA program. No need to complete the GMAT.

There are five graduate certificate concentrations available this Fall.  Select the one that best suits your needs:


Dean Fields talks about the Soft Start process in the Graduate Programs.

Finance Graduate Certificate

Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate

Leadership Graduate Certificate

Investment Management Graduate Certificate

Sales Management/Business Development Certificate

Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate


The Value of the Program

The College of Business went to incredible lengths to understand company needs in each of the five areas. Further, the College is taking documented steps to be able to demonstrate execution in the delivery of the courses that comprise each of the corporate-driven concentrations in the MBA Program. It is the value that these concentration courses are going to drive to companies that is going to effectively differentiate our program and abilities of our graduates.

The Graduate Certificates drive the same discipline-specific value to the students as is found in the MBA Program, just without the breadth that the MBA Core would provide. These Graduate Certificates are aimed at a market that needs the enhanced knowledge and skills that the various options can provide, but they don’t need and/or want the additional coursework the MBA Program would require.

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