Dean Fields explains the corporate driven concentrations were derived from industry leaders.

Corporate-Driven Program Development

The College of Business (COB) took the following steps to develop MBA Concentration and Graduate Certificate areas that matched perfectly with industry needs.

  1. COB reached out to some of the leading companies in the region, asking them to provide key executives in one or more of the five areas previously identified as high need areas.

      Ms. Susan Hodge is a member of the corporate-based instructional team.  Listen to  her perspective about the quality of the College of Business faculty.

    Click here to see a list of companies who were involved in the development of the five high need concentration areas.
  2. At defined times for each of the five areas, approximately 10 specialists in that particular area – each from a different company – gathered at the College of Business to define/determine that concentration.
  3. COB used a facilitator with strong industry experience to lead each of the discussions. Industry participants, with the facilitator keeping the discussion on point, went through the following steps:
    1. Identified 60 – 70 issues that should be included in a concentration in their area;
    2. Separated the issues into logical groupings – usually 5 – 6 different groups (i.e., courses);
    3. Established a representative name for each of the groups (i.e., named each course);
    4. Identified 6 – 12 learning goals for each of the 5 – 6 courses.
  4. COB Faculty, using the identified learning goals, inserted graduate–level content into each of the classes (e.g., readings, assignments) to achieve the industry–defined outcome.