Dean Fields describes how course assessment was developed by Industry and will be an asset to our students in the Graduate Program.

Major Differentiators for MBA Program & Graduate Certificates

Cohort 3 MBA students - Miguel N. and Jacqueline G.

The MBA Program has incorporated a major revision that has introduced a wide range of differentiators designed to drive significant value to students.

  1.  Corporate defined needs drives our programs.

  2. Giving students much flexibility in the design of their program:
    • Choose the degree focus among seven options.
    • Choose the time in which the degree will be completed, 1, 2, or 3 years.

  3. Allowing students the opportunity to take corporate-driven MBA concentrations as free-standing graduate certificates.

  4. Providing Efficient Scheduling with the busy professional in mind.

  5. Offering attractive tuition rates that fit a wide range of student needs.

  6. Opportunity to start program without GMAT requirement.